Meeble Mobs #7

MeebleMobs7Lah lah laaaaah!!!! Make no mistake, Meebs get distracted by shiny things! Christmas lights can keep them busy for hours.

A little back story: When I was little, I used to climb up and sit on a shelf in my closet and look at the christmas lights hanging in there. They were off and it was no where near Christmas time. I think I liked looking at all the transparent colors. At least the Meebs like to look at them when the lights are on!

Meeble Mobs #6





Christmas Meebs!!!! Bringing you Christmas carols right from their stockings! It’s a little early my sweet Meebs to be waiting for Santa… Shhh they don’t know that! So cute! I included a close up because they wanted you to see their festive hats!

Meeble Mobs #1

Hello! Aren’t you lucky! Today’s the day Meebs will start to make a regular appearance on this ol’ blog. Keep a look out for “Meeble Mobs”. Sometimes Meebles mobble but they don’t fall down! For anyone who is not in the know (shame on you), Meebs are sweet little pink bundles of happiness. Everyone has Meebs. Meebs are great! They love pancakes and a good place for tucks (naptime). Meebs also have a lot of their own words for things. Meebs love to sing! Lah!!! Enjoy these sweet little Meebs!