Blue Print 3!

It’s that time of year!! Blue Print 3 is done and over with and what a GREAT show! As we flew in to LGA I did a quick count… and yes I used my fingers.. this trip was our 5th time in NYC and our 5th trade show (oddly enough each time we’ve ventured to the city, we haven’t done a show). Going to NYC is still super exciting to me, I look forward to it each time. There’s something magical about heading to the Big Apple!

Manhattan was shining as we flew in:


Actually, the whole trip (minus a day) had FANTASTIC weather. Each evening we ventured out to ur favorite eating spots! Perhaps I’ll do another post on that…


Looking toward Madison Square Park and the back of the Flatiron in the foreground.

Show set up happened early on Thursday morning, with the show opening at noon that day. Since Blue Print is put on entirely by the exhibitors, everyone graciously lends a helping hand in show set up and breakdown. One of the many reasons I love love love this show is that it’s not fussy, there’s no crazy rules about standing on chairs, we just get it done.


Lucy from LJ Woodhouse laying out prints.


Table adjusting, chair delivering and me pinning on my table skirt!

We had all the exhibitors bring 3-4 pop up banners to display artwork. I ordered mine off amazon and they worked so well, I was so pleased! Up in seconds! Trust me, I’ve done the whole command strip thing with vinyl banners and even another pop of banner style, and this time, these were winners. It’s the little victories.


Prints were organized, chocolate treats were added to the table and we were ready to go in just a few short hours.


All set up and ready to roll!

We had about 360 pieces of artwork at this show. A combination of my work and the talented Sarah Watson. I believe I had about 70 new pieces of art since the December 2015 Blue Print. Each time I pull my prints out of their boxes, I’m always blown away by the quality of our printer. We’ve had the same one since we lived in Atlanta in 09/10′. The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 is still going strong! Actually, we had the same model in college, it printed all of our portfolios for recruiter visits. We go way back, me and Epson.



New tropical birds for this year, I couldn’t resist!


I could sing Blue Print’s praises all day long, but probably the best part about it is the atmosphere. Happy clients, great conversation and no pressure! With only 38 studios, clients could take their time and still visit everyone they needed to. In these conversations relationships strengthen and future projects take shape.


Busy, busy! Happy clients = happy exhibitors!


It does my heart good to see a busy show! I’m not just an exhibitor, I work on a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff like the website and the social media aspects. We’ve been with this show from the very beginning (only ONE year ago!) and now we’re gearing up for the FOURTH Blue Print in August. We’re thrilled with how it’s grown and the wonderful attention and praise the show has received. A big THANK YOU to Paul and Andrea Turk, who put in an incredible amount of effort in organizing it all.  I know I can’t thank them enough for all they have done and I wish I could give you back all the sleepless nights!


Thanks for shining bright, New York

One a semi-related note, I popped into Pier 1 Imports on 5th Ave to check out some designs they’ve purchased from me. The whale was a freelance gig after Blue Print last May, the type is not my design.


Recognize this guy? Him and his 3 companions made it into beautiful ceramic plates! Hello toucan! This particular Pier 1 had the best display of the birds I’ve seen so far!


Till next time, Blue Print 😉