While I’m still in Surtex Mode- Thoughts from a Newbie


Yay! I finished my followups yesterday! I don’t think I was quite prepared to deal with so many. In retrospect, I should have made an e-thank you card before the show so I’d have it ready to go when I got home. Whoops! So I did that on Friday, sent that out and today I finished up sending out more personal responses with requested images. 

While my brain is still full of thoughts from the show I better lay them all out here. Please remember these are my opinions, they may not be correct! This is me being nervous >> 


1. Do not underestimate the power of Holiday art. This brought about 60% of people into my booth when I mentioned I had holiday designs. So much so that I’m seriously considering putting it on my walls next year. 

2. I wish I did more holiday art. I knew I should of but I was so burnt out! I do holiday art for my agent, Cinnamon Joe Studio and also for a client/past employer. This project drains all the holiday out of me. Must remember to press on!

3. But don’t force it. Quality vs. quantity. If you’re going to do it have both contemporary and traditional art. People asked for each almost equally. Traditional meaning classic themes and colors. 

4. Be active in your booth. This may seem obvious but there’s a whole other art to getting people to talk to you. I stood on the corner in my booth just enough to not be up in people’s faces but enough to say hi easily. Some people deliberately looked away as they walked by and if someone looked just long enough at my work I’d hand them a card/postcard and ask what they were looking for. Sometimes they stopped in, sometimes not. 

5. On that note, be happy, open and you. I happen to like to talk to people. I work from home and I miss being around people! So now’s my chance to talk to someone and not have to blindly send an email out into the twisting nether. 

6. We handed out 120 business cards, 108 postcards and 10 press kits (these were in the press room, actually.)

7. I was thankful I had Ben to help, he took notes or was with a second group of people in my booth. That only happened twice I think. Also it allowed me to step away and have a sandwich and refresh my brain. It felt good to just not be “on” for a bit. 

8. We used binders with my work. I like the feel of paper but I can see the benefits of going to an iPad. We had the iPad there as a second portfolio. I’ve been reading a lot about people’s experiences going all iPad but I just don’t know! Feel free to weigh in the comments! It sure would make things lighter and a bit cheaper. If we did all iPad next year we would need another one. What portfolio apps do you use?

9. Know your terms. It amazed me how many companies wanted to buy outright. Considering it’s an art licensing show and there’s a separate section for purchase prints, I found it interesting. I understand why they want to buy instead of license. 

10. We over-prepared and that’s ok. 4 different kinds of tape? 3 different command strip sizes? Clips in case the tape didn’t work? Yup, we brought it! Do bring a cloth to wipe down your banners, ours were filthy! 

11. Make sure there’s plenty of space to work on your table and it’s easily approachable. We ended up not doing flowers because I probably would have knocked them off! 



One thought on “While I’m still in Surtex Mode- Thoughts from a Newbie

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m seriously considering having a booth at Surtex next year so it’s great to read a “newbie’s” point of view. One of the lectures that I attended this year said everything is moving to ipad vs print, but I still kind of like the look of something printed. Maybe you can print your favorites and have everything else on an ipad? Sounds like you had a successful show!

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