Surtex 2014 Prep


So, for the last..mmmm…. 7 months (!!!) I’ve been thinking, scheming, creating, planning to exhibit at Surtex in NYC, May 18th -20th. We’re two weeks out from the start of our trip and now’s an excellent time to share some prep photos. Maybe these will help future exhibitors? I know I SCOURED the internets, reading about setting up, design and makin’ it look good. I found so many helpful posts and not to mention the excellent webinar hosted by Cathy Heck.

I’ll have an 8′ x 10′ booth (452!) situated close to the middle/back of the convention center. I’m hoping for decent traffic, it seems like it’s on a main “road” to the cafe. Also we will have cookies. Just sayin’. We took some photos since I had everything all laid out..




Press kits and business card stacks…

ImageAction…. ImageOne of the binders… ImageOne of my “take aways”, a friend told me she liked collecting bags at trade shows, mostly to carry all the stuff you get! I had fun making these.

ImageI always have to have something ridiculously pink…

ImageWe went with vinyl banners for out booth walls. The colors are stellar.


Yay! Can’t wait to hang everything up! We also have deep navy carpet tiles we are putting down, but I haven’t seen those yet… Wish us luck!


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