Loving Lately # 3

Happy Friday brave ones!

This week was quite productive, I got my website all updated with new art — except it’s in the super secret password protected part– shhhh. If you would like to work with me and want to see more of my work you can contact me here.

I have lots of photos this week!


This week I am loving….

>> Pretty cabbages and purple dainties,Image

>>> Killer chocolate cake,Image

>> Succulents in luminous shades of pink,Image

>> Epically Florida-esque hibiscus,Image

>> Leaves that didn’t get the memo it’s late winter, Florida, you’re always a little slow to the party..Image

>> Christmas present’s loving displayed in my sister’s home!Image

What are you loving lately? 


Designs with Bealls

Ah yes, it’s about time I do some sort of post about the art I do for Bealls in Florida! To start the this post we’ll have to go back in timmmme…. weeeeeeeeee.

At the end of my junior year at Ringling the campus was abuzz with portfolio submissions and nerves. We all hoped for elusive internships with our dream companies. I submitted my portfolio for an internship with Bealls, actually I almost forgot to submit (this is unusual because I’m very on top of everything), a friend reminded me. This friend would wind up working there as well, but that’s another story. **Side note- you should totally check out Jessica’s blog, she has painstakingly documented her art**. I got an interview and found out I got the 12 week internship as an artist. Woo! Experience! In an office! It was great, I learned a lot and pretty much functioned as a regular employee with responsibilities and assignments. I got to do art for beach towels that would actually be made and sold in the store! Super cool! I will skip all my other career details but I don’t think there’s been a year that’s passed since 2007 that I haven’t done artwork for Bealls. I did work in the office part time from June 2011- September 2012.

Which brings me to… I own a lot of beach towels. I figured I should photograph the most recent ones and pile up the rest.. mostly because those are faded from use. Image

The colors in these came out really bright, I’m super pleased with color. You can buy them here, here and here. I did a few others this year but I’m trying not to buy them all.. check out my Pinterest page to see more. Here’s some stacks. The scary part is that I know I’m missing a few. I think there’s one in the back of my car..


Last year I got to work on some kid’s beach towel totes for Bealls and that was fun! I couldn’t justify buying them so here’s a pic from the store:


Ahh I love those owls. I think the colors and some icons were taken out in the final product. I could write many posts about all the projects I’ve worked on, but it’s just easier to head my Pinterest page… trust me!

Speaking of Pinterest– this is my most pinned pin… ever. Yup, a wine glass for Bealls. People just love those peacock feathers….