Loving Lately #2

Happy Friday lovelies!


Totally lacking in the nice pics department this week.. I did learn to crochet this past weekend! Ok here’s one: Image

Interesting things on the interwebs! :

>> Monday was national chocolate cake day!

>> We tackled this divine lemon biscotti recipe with great results! I’ve never made biscotti before… 

>> Cool craft project, I do have an epic mug collection.

Have a lovely day!



Loving, lately #1

Mass Surtex art makin’ is in full swing over here~ ! As a reminder to stop and smell the roses I wanted to start a new series here on the blog. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, now’s a good time I guess! Every week, probably on Friday’s (although I might make it a mid week thing, something to brighten those mid-week blues!) I’ll post some photos I’ve taken or links of interesting things. You may find a link to a cool craft project (thanks, Pinterest), a new recipe I stumbled on, or anything that I find pretty/happy/inspiring yadda ya. A more personal Pinterest board I guess, with less photos because I don’t want to write EVERYONE for permission. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Weeeee here we go!


Husbands who love shorebirds as much as you do:ImageCaptiva, FL

Bright stashes of yarn:ImageLong “winter” shadows in one of my favorite places:ImageSeagulls who come to take your chips, sneaky little buggers. This is Pete and Repete, by the way. Image

Loving the Florida sun; homemade pizzas and late night trips to Target.

A few links for your enjoyment:

>>Dying to make these crochet baskets!

>>THIS would make me smile every time I head to the car.

>> Ok, this is totally ok to binge on>> PS. The Louis C.K. one is hysterical. So is Michael Richards and Alac Baldwin.. You’re welcome.

>>Sit at your desk all day, eery day like I do? Good tips and tricks!

Cheers, lovelies

What are some things that are bringing you joy lately? 


Lots of creative things going on over here, I’ve been busy busy! 

Now that it’s past my 6 month “trial” I can announce something super exciting!Image

Last May I signed with Cinnamon Joe Studio. They work with lots of designers to provide great prints for apparel, textiles, bedding, stationary and pretty much anything else you can think of! Paul and Andrea are a husband and wife team and they go to trade shows to sell our work. I do lots of prints geared towards the children’s market for them… sadly I cannot share any of them with you here. 

In other news, I’m working like a crazy person to bust out prints for Surtex in May. Yes! I’m so excited to announce I’ll be exhibiting in booth 452! Seriously, I’m so totes excited about it. And nervous. All sorts of nervous! I just finished up promotional art, things I can actually share (say WHAT), so that’ll be coming soon! 

Teaser ( I AM SO EXCITED with how these came out….)Image