Feather, Chevrons Card Set!

I had this urge/desire/need to make this set of blank cards. I broke out my favorite marking devices and set to work! I think I’ve had the idea for this feather print for some time and I just love drawing things and filling them in with doodley bits.  Here’s the ink part:


I scanned these puppies in, adjusted the ink color in Photoshop then drug everything into Illustrator. My comfort zone is in Illustrator, so I just colored and placed them in there. 

Finished product:



I’m seriously wishing I had a letterpress. That’s one skill I’d love to learn! That and screen printing… On the list..

If you’d like to see these cards in my Etsy shop visit here!

Thanks for stopping by!


Scrapbook Papers

More papers up in the shop!! Actually, like a whole lot… These are some of my favorites:



The bottom one is my best seller! I guess Mint is still a big hit! 

In other news, I’ve been busy busy busy! A new item is hitting the etsy shop tonight. Diving into sets of blank cards. I’m quite excited about it, I really love the designs I made. Not to toot my own horn or anything :p 

Also working on coasters with some of my prints on them, which are turning out really cool. Loving working with my hands. 

Lots of prints going out to my agent Cinnamon Joe Studios (I’m in a 6 month trial period before its official). I can’t show them here, but if you happened to go to Printsource recently, they’re there! **Crosses fingers I sold some**

Since I like being random, I thought I’d list some things I’m grateful for today:

* Being able to spend my Friday morning making coasters

* Having my coffee with my husband before we start working.

*Smelling the sea breeze, this gives me joy <—- for an interesting post on the concept of joy vs. happiness, visit Jessica Swift’s blog.

Have a great weekend creative ones. What are you grateful for today?