Digital Scrapbook Paper!

I discovered through a classmate about the world of digital scrapbook paper packs people can buy on Etsy… and holy wow! There’s so many out there! I thought I could add some flavor to the paper packs by including cute characters and fun themes. Here’s a few I made and are available on my shop 🙂


Sea Side Quilt

Hi ya’ll, Happy Monday! The next month and a half are going to be straight cray between freelance, personal projects and my sister’s WEDDING. Jesh. 

Dear friends of mine are adopting a baby boy soon and her shower was this weekend! It was the first baby shower I’ve ever been to for someone my age! Crazy. She received so many sweet things, particularity darling onesies… so cute, so tiny. I used to work with her at my last job and I promised I’d make her a quilt when her and her husband acquired a child! I couldn’t wait to get started!!!! 

I ordered the main set of fabrics from Fabricworm and this collection is put together by them. The backing is from Jo-Anns as well as the binding. I don’t have a walking foot for my machine ( I keep forgetting to order it, ugh ). So I didn’t get to quilt as much as I wanted to because without that foot, it just bunches up. 


I also quickly sewed up a receiving blanket to wrap their new bundle in. After googling for a feather stitch, I settled on this version. This has some significance to me, my grandmother did a similar thing for my sister, using a feather stitch, she made a wonderful blanket. I really wish I had her precision in needle crafts! My hands cramp up and get really tired, I blame the computer! 



I totally know you’re supposed to roll the edges as you go, but I went ahead and sewed it with my machine, mostly to save my hands plus it gave a handy guide to sew in. I like making these and want to practice more stitches! Oh and for fun: 



My house is crazy dark, here’s the proof. I think its funny to zoom out and see what else is around… These white balls are for my sister’s wedding in May! They will be the aisle decor. Guess what they are made of? Guess, seriously. 

COFFEE FILTERS. Yup, coffee filter paper flowers, using a T pin I secure them to a styrofoam ball in the middle! There’s about 19 flowers per ball, 12 in total. Whew.

Well that was all over the place! 


Mini Notebooks!

I’m always like, I TOTALLY need to blog more! Any tips on making that a reality? I have a crazy cool gift I did for friend that I will reveal on Monday (after she receives it!)Can’t wait to share that one 🙂 

Moving on… I got some notebooks up on my Etsy shop! They are made from recycled paper that’s made right here in the US! How cool? I have a ton of these notebooks lying around, I make lots of notes about my goals and ideas to expand my business. These would also be great next to your bed to jot down dreams! Oh! And sketchbooks…. great sketchbooks .. I could go on! Here’s a couple designs: ImageImageImageImage

Cute huh? AND its gets better, you can buy these in fabric too from Spoonflower! Match ALL the things! 

Want to hear something funny? My house is incredibly DARK, so I have to shoot everything outside. Do you know how many mosquito bites I acquired while shooting these notebooks? At least 5… in a timespan of about 7 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. Seriously?  Yea. Welcome to Summer. 😉