Drip Drop

Hello hello! I figured it was high time I put some work up on the blog, instead of keeping everything secret. I’ve had this idea for a rain drop print for some time, and busted it out this morning. Sketches:

drops1 drops2It’s nice when something just comes together! The color palette came from my flipping through a pantone flip book and picking one color I was really drawn to this morning. The navy blue stuck out I guess! It’s much more subdued in CMYK format, came out pretty electric on screen! Then I just started picking colors that I liked to go with it.. making some circles to play with helps: drops3

Annnd final product:

arrowsdropsThe cute little print at the bottom is just something to coordinate with it, kinda reminds me of the little designs on Totoro’s tummy. This print, and many others are available on my website, under the license/buy section <—- needs a password, email me!

Cheers 🙂