Meeble Mobs #7

MeebleMobs7Lah lah laaaaah!!!! Make no mistake, Meebs get distracted by shiny things! Christmas lights can keep them busy for hours.

A little back story: When I was little, I used to climb up and sit on a shelf in my closet and look at the christmas lights hanging in there. They were off and it was no where near Christmas time. I think I liked looking at all the transparent colors. At least the Meebs like to look at them when the lights are on!

Meeble Mobs #6





Christmas Meebs!!!! Bringing you Christmas carols right from their stockings! It’s a little early my sweet Meebs to be waiting for Santa… Shhh they don’t know that! So cute! I included a close up because they wanted you to see their festive hats!