Surface Pattern Design Module 2 Musings

Suppity sup! Hope everyone is doing well on this fine Wednesday. Its incredibly hot here in the F-L-A but thats ok. There’s AC!

A few weeks ago  Module 2 of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design ended and I wanted to share some of the stuff I completed! A lot of the course talked about pulling all your creative bits together to form a brand. About half way through the class I finally figured out my brand identity! Like for real! Pomelo & Pomelo has a special meaning to my husband and I… ok its not so significant, its an intersection we find lovely.

Here’s sampling for stuff completed in chronological order:

Lamp and Things Print

Stationary Set:

Placemat/Napkin Set- 3 options

Geos for Swimsuits:

And finally a little brand card, at some point I’ll show so of the other pieces to my brand, like my business cards, postcards and other tidbits!

Thanks for stopping by!