Stamp it like you own it.

Hey hey, happy Tuesday over here! Its quite rainy at the moment. I don’t mind the rain, it sounds nice on the tin roof!

Still playing catch-up post on all the things I want to post about. This sounds like a perpetual problem. :p

First off, I love me some linoleum carving. BUT it makes my hands so tired and it takes awhile to get to the “sweet” spot carving layer… I know, sad story. And then I came across this glorious stuff. Moo Carve. Sweet, glorious Moo Carve. Its smooth and soft to cut into and doesn’t get all “grainy” when you carve deep. It holds up to detail very well (in my experience).

One afternoon I made a vector shape in Illustrator, sized it to my block, printed it out and then transfered it to the Moo.  I happily spent the evening carving and ended up with this:

Then I ironed out some muslin and mixed some Speedball Waterbase Ink (left over from wedding crafts) and began to stamp away. I purposely did a square because I’m too lazy to really pay attention to where the repeat starts and ends. Also I tested the pattern in Illustrator before I printed it. My house is very very dark inside, and my iphone was handy, excuse the photos…

I finished it up, let it dry and hung it up at work behind my computer. I have the greyest shade of grey cubicle walls to look at, so this helps!

I love doing these little quick projects, probably took me all of 3-4 hours from start to finish. There’s something really satisfying about making something and FINISHING it. I did a similar project to this awhile back and I was so pleased with myself for printing on my own fabric, my hubby got me a whole screen printing kit for my birthday. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I look forward to figuring it out with him!



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