Surface Pattern Design- Module 1 Highlights

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! It is indeed a happy monday because this is a 2 day week! Hooray for Holidays on a Wednesday! Well here we go!

One of my obsessions is with all things textile. I love the way prints look on fabric. There’s something about the texture of the weave and all the colors that is really interesting to me. I can appreciate hand printed fabrics and well as commercially produced fabrics sold by the bolt. After college I went the corporate route and worked for a children’s clothing company for a year, then moved on and started working for another company doing product development for housewares. Love me some home decor, but my heart has always been with prints.

I stumbled upon “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” with Rachel Taylor. Its an e-course offered in 3 modules. The first on creating, the second on branding and the third on monetizing your designs. I signed up for all three and couldn’t be happier! We are about half way through the 2nd module. I say “we” because there’s a community of about 200 some odd people participating in our flickr group. Its like being in art school again! So many people from different parts of the world coming together to share their work and talk about patterns. Hello, awesome!

I wanted to share some highlights from things I did during the first module.

From the sketchbook (I miss keeping a regular sketchbook like in college, my old one was epic):

Moving sketches around:


Sketches put in photoshop then AI:

Scarf design:

Scarf design 2, because I like orange right now:

A quick collection based off the elements from one of my previous sketches:

I like being sketchy! With a little refinement! Soon I’ll update with some work from the 2nd module. So fun. Some days its a stretch to get things done with a regular 9-5 and life in general, but I can save lessons and workshops to return to later if I want. We are not graded and its pretty much you get out what you put in. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about this business. Although I know quite a bit from work, I’m learning lots of things I didn’t know! Pretty sweet yo. Whew!



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