Snack Wagon

 Well here’s another one of my creations. I plan to let these guys evolve all over this blog so you best better get acquainted with them! The little pink guys are called Meebles but over the years its been shortened to Meebs. Yes years. Ben (the Husband) and I have been creating and making up stories about Meebs for about 3.5 years. This drawing basically sums them up. Happy, mischievous little bundles of love. More on Meebs another time. The green thing pulling the wagon is a Pomelo. Yup. There he is.

 Pomelo’s live in Pomelo trees and harvest the Pomelos (fruit) for the healing properties of Pomelo juice. As this guy is doing here:

Pomelos are a recent development to the Meeb universe. His legs are a bit wiggly, but he doesn’t mind… this was a quick sketch one afternoon, he makes me smile. Bound!


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